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The Self Hosted VidCast Ep1

Yunohost dashboards, installing Yunohost and How important coffee is.


Choosing Yunohost and The Fediverse

500 Zeichen reichen nicht immer

Mehr als nur Microblogging - mein neuer, persönlicher Blog

Testing embdding a PeerTube Video

I wanted to try it

Your Overton Window

Short Story Dystopian

Quarto Crescente



Dias perambulando pelo Cerrado




Another Reason to Host Your Own

Why you shouldnt trust big tech with your personal stuff.

Bonehead Media Update

Why I am on the Fediverse.blog instance

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Story Telling is not Dead

CR is not all beer

Wpełzam pod kamień

Rzeczy, których nie potrzebuję

Uśmiechnięta maska

o rozproszeniu

Promocija knjige Crnogorski separatizam

Self Loathing


Teambuilding exercises

nothing brings a team together like the hatred for teambuilding exercises

A random rant about tech job interviews

or rather the complaints people have about job interviews

Hello thar...

Eating blueberry yoghurt and wondering what to do...

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