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Tory Activists Told to ‘Lie and Weaponise Fake News’ in Party Newsletter

The Tories are accused of a having a policy to ‘openly lie’ to the public after a local newsletter encouraged activists to ‘learn’ from Donald Trump

City Firms Made Plans in Brexit Run-up to Move Assets Worth £100 Billion to EU

This takes the total value of assets lost to the bloc since the Brexit vote to £1.3 trillion

Update - 'Operation Moonshot'

We need answers

You can’t trust the Tories

Boris Johnson’s lies and broken promises

American Style Voter Supression Laws Coming to United Kingdom

Tories to suppress vote under guise of preventing voter fraud despite it being virtually non-existent

NHS Privatisation by Stealth

The latest privatisation of the largest private supplier of GP services in the UK, with 58 practices covering 500,000 patients

Boris Johnson 'a Liar' Who Will Blame Brexit Costs on Covid

Sylvie Bermann, former French ambassador, puts PM’s handling of pandemic alongside Donald Trump’s

Court has granted a cost-capping order in our judicial review over the award of huge PPE contracts, without advertisement or competition

Chumocracy, Boris Johnson, democracy, cover-up, masks, courts, UK Government, Covid-19, commissioning, medical equipment

Boris Johnson's Government is 'Gaslighting' Britain About the Realities of Brexit

Fishermen say Brexit threatens to kill their business

Judicial Review of Government's Decision to Award Huge PPE Contracts to Questionable Counterparties

Back in court 22 February, 2021