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Warum befreit ihr euch nicht?

Die Emanzipation von Online-Konzernen

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Revolution isn't possible

... or

Dropping of Convenient Labour Smears - 17 April 2020

Gaslighting from Corporate Media - 9 April 2020

1000 Deaths downplayed by Media Hacks - 8 April 2020

The elusive ill-defined characteristic of "electability" - The Labour leadership - 26 February 2020[0]=68.ARBWqgj44LaNlGcWoucuw8ideXakIZ4X-l75jo8Ixe0Rr3JqiJPy1Y1c-Yrmh6_yMUho_bmbOXclElE_ARQiTwYvGidLLlEvXwEaItPaiLZfNOKFFHGv4jD3sy3-5KwQYCpg9AYONbo4M6vohBEcepPk-Lmw-nrdGoTHrvaaa3tCY3asb_J6boLLdbSBMYntQs57KJVNXii8-CJq26IN4X3gg6SD7DjUUdpB0M69WIR-hIQfqS6wc54UDaH2EQXRN5neADNbuz6NXtlzUN04QE4gISUzCk9MVh57DF3KCEHK9es9-kO2F-Oos9LVuym4ho8sdBaaiyojdcqPKpk64A&__tn__=-R

Another Angry Voice - 14 February 2020

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Abyss of Dead Ends

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