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Northern Ireland Loyalists Pull Support for Good Friday Agreement

UK loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland have reportedly told Boris Johnson that they are withdrawing support for the 1998 Belfast Agreement. Something Boris & Brexiteers said their rock solid Brexit agreements would absolutely avoid.

Tory Activists Told to ‘Lie and Weaponise Fake News’ in Party Newsletter

The Tories are accused of a having a policy to ‘openly lie’ to the public after a local newsletter encouraged activists to ‘learn’ from Donald Trump

Update - 'Operation Moonshot'

We need answers

American Style Voter Supression Laws Coming to United Kingdom

Tories to suppress vote under guise of preventing voter fraud despite it being virtually non-existent

NHS Privatisation by Stealth

The latest privatisation of the largest private supplier of GP services in the UK, with 58 practices covering 500,000 patients

Judicial Review of Government's Decision to Award Huge PPE Contracts to Questionable Counterparties

Back in court 22 February, 2021

Sussex Medicines Firm Takes Production Line to EU in White Van to Beat Brexit Ban

UK assembly line at standstill as pharmaceutical company sets up in Amsterdam and plans EU expansion