Review on Money Heist

In this article, I will give you my reviews about Money Heist. The Spanish film industry is making its remark by many masterpieces like

Money Heist

and also attracting a huge fan following on Netflix.

Money Heist is a Spanish series where there is a collaboration of fun and thriller. This series is written by Alex Pina and directed by Jesus Colmenar. The conception and writing have a good background. Alex and Colmenar both start this project as a first one after making their production company. This series is first aired on Spanish network Antenna 3 Television then Netflix got interested in the series.

Netflix arranged the seasons and episodes of the movie. It is the most-watched non-English movie on Netflix. There are 3 seasons with 36 episodes which are cut into five parts and its last part is awaiting which is coming out on 3 December 2021. Have a look at its brief storyline.


In this movie, Professor is the mastermind of all the heist who makes a team. The first season of the series is divided into two parts. This season moves around eigh robbers. In the leadership of Professor, they meet up at different places to plan about robbery. As time jumps, they get ready to assault the Royal Mint of Spain which is a national mint of Spain in Madrid.

This heist is not like Fast & furious movies or Ocean’s 8. Their plannings are followed by strict rules which are not to tell your secrets to others and not to develop any relationship with team members or any other outsider.

Team members have specific code names related to cities like Tokyo, Moscow, Nairobi, Berlin, Denver, Helsinki, Rio, and Oslo. They are all in red jumpsuits and masked their faces depicting the Spanish artist Salvador Dali. After five months of preparation, they enter mint and hostage sixty-seven persons and plan to escape with €2.4 billion using their self-built underground tunnel.

They need to bear the uncooperative behavior of the hostages. On the other hand, a team member Denver indulges himself in love with one of the hostages Mónica Gaztambide. At the end of part 2, they become successful in escaping from the mint with €984 million but they have a loss of 3 members including Berlin.

As the story jumps ahead to season 2, which includes parts 3 and 4. After the three years of the original heist, Professor plans to get free his one of the team members Rio who has been caught up by Europol. Professor plans to heist in the Bank of Spain. Movie flashbacks to the plan of Berlin with Professor. Robbers invade into highly secured buildings and this heist has great complexity and ends with the rejoining of Libson.

In season 3, all the members are stuck in the bank of Spain. There are many action scenes as the gang plans to attack the Spanish troops. On the other hand police corp Sierra who catches Professor, Marseille, and Benjamin integrates them. She is pregnant and at the edge to give birth. That’s why she frees Professor and other members to help her. Side by side Gang is fighting with the soldiers and part 5 ends with the death of Tokyo who defeats Gandia and the soldiers.

One more season is now coming on 3 December 2021. For more see this movie on Netflix. Thanks!