Cotton reversible bed linen

Especially fleece sheets with patterns in happy colors play a major role.

Varied designs

While bed linen used to be mainly used in the color white and was used to protect the bedding, today it is grown in different colors for a more appealing aesthetic. Especially fleece sheets with patterns in happy colors play a major role, which contribute to a great ambience in the bedroom. They have to be varied and come up with special facets. Turning bed linen made of cotton is ideal for this.

New set for the bed in no time

Turning bed dings are characterized by the fact that the top and bottom have different patterns. This has the advantage that you don't have to change the covers every time you want a different color design for your sleeping place. With reversible bedding, you can change your look in no time and with hurtful handles. For example, switch from a floral pattern to a plain side or from checkers to stripes. So you can change the look of your bed as you like. Keep different fleece sheets in stock, nothing stands in the way of a cheerful play of colors.

Creative cotton linen for turning - wonderful furnishing ideas

Cotton linen in blue and white for maritime ambience


Dark blue striped bedlinen – such as Sensitive Dream – are ideal for creating a maritime look in the bedroom. Made of fine mako satin and 100% cotton, this version impresses with silky shine and delicate, supple feel. Nuances can be created by the size of the strip width. On the one hand, slightly narrower and wider on the other – a small difference that creates a great optical effect.

This reversible bed linen can be perfectly combined with white furniture and accessories.

Memories of the last beach holiday fit with the decoration at the bedside table like small shells. Above the bed there is a painting with ships or the underwater world. All in all, this creates a bright ambience that brings summer feeling to the four walls even on cold days and makes you dream of travelling.

Cotonea Linea Satin bedding in many different colors

The Cotonea brand offers bed linen made of all high-quality materials. The Linea series, for example, delights with a well-thought-out strip design, which is created by different types of fabrics. Since the fabric changes every 2.5 cm from Kettatlas to Shot Atlas, a texture with different refraction of light is created, which shows itself as bright and matte stripes. The fine breathable satin fabric is very supple and also suitable for allergy sufferers.


From a design point of view, cotonea Linea turning bedding can count on great variety.

How about, for example, a fleece sheet that is red on one side and decorated in chocolate tones on the other. The look appears incomparably intense and warming and is suitable for colonial-style facilities. An oriental style is matched by bright garnet red, which seems exciting and sensual. Fresh and springlike, on the other hand, a variant in darker and light errands looks. Ideal if you like to enhance your décor with colorful flowers. A wonderful contrast also offers reversible bed ash, which features deep dark blue and subtle light blue.

Turning bed linen with diverse and creative motifs by Enjoyable House

High-quality materials, savvy workmanship

A liaison of enchantingly beautiful flowers in various bright colors, curved patterns and a mélange of exciting color combinations – this is Enjoyable House bed linen. The often used wonderfully soft Mako satin made of 100% cotton gently nestles on the skin and brings dreamlike nights with a pleasant sleeping climate. Pillow and blanket sheet are provided with a guaranteed zipper and can be washed and dried at 60 °C.


Alternatively, reversible bedding is available, which is made of fine Mako interlock jersey. Interlock jersey is characterized by its special double knitting technique, which makes it soft and elastic. During its production, a very well closed surface is created, as only two rows of needles are knitted. The beautiful jersey set thus remains permanently in shape and stretchable. In addition, the material is particularly breathable, supple and moisture-regulating. Due to these special features, this colorful bed linen is suitable for both summer and winter.

The fabric is very easy to care for, equipped with anti pilling and iron-free.

Fleece sheet designs that testify to a high inventiveness

The Enjoyable House brand is very versatile in terms of design. How about, for example, with reversible bedding that appears blue like the skyline of a world metropolis.

This variant looks incredibly modern and trendy. With a short twist, the elaborate patterns disappear and you embed yourself in pure blue, which has an extremely calming effect. Other cotton fleece sheets have been decorated with circular ornaments, which are purposefully lined and presented in blue or red tones. The back side, on the other hand, is kept discreet and brings out the soft stripes.

Enjoyable House reversible bedding is flexible and harmonizes with many different design styles – from classic to modern.

Washing tips for colorful bedding

Creative fleece sheets with colored motifs at should always be turned to the left before you put them in the washing machine. In addition, it is important that they are not treated with detergents with optical brighteners or with bleach. Also, always make sure that you wash dark colors separated from light tones, and it is best to close all zips or buttons before washing.

Stop boring bedding

The days when old white fleece sheets dominated are long gone. The modern bedroom appears colorful and cheerful – and just as versatile. Praying permanently in a color becomes boring. Cotton reversible bed linen brings design variety to the sleeping place and gives the bedroom new accents. Try, experiment with colors and patterns and create your bed in which you feel completely comfortable.