Melonmancy Podcast #11 - A Death in the Family

I promise its only a sad episode for a little bit at the beginning

Click here to listen to the episode!

So it's been over a year since we released an episode and that episode was all about how at that time it had been a year since we recorded our last episode before that one! We're back for real real this time and I even have the show available in more places than just Soundcloud - including Spotify and coming soon: Gplay, TuneIn, and iTunes! You can hear the episode in the link above or you can wait for about a day and it should show up on Spotify & elsewhere tomorrow.

Extra special shout out to the UwU Gang and for inspiring me and Vic to get off our asses and continue our show! They are just starting out and hearing them stumble through how to start a podcast made me really nostalgic for when we were just starting out before I learned how to edit. You can see their show here.

We don't have any actual show notes for this episode because we didn't send each other any pictures or videos to talk about... this time

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