Bonehead Media Update

Why I am on the instance

So in my previous blogs, which no longer exist because I am a bonehead and didnt back them up, I was using my own instance of Write Freely. As I had been trying to get a player or some way of getting the podcast file to display on it nothing worked. No amount of markdown syntax did what I wanted. So I tried to get Reel2Bits installed to use that as an embedable player. But the install fails and I cant figure it out. I thought I would use Funkwhale to distribute the podcast. Dude Funkwhale is absolutely astounding. Runs smooth as butter and looks beautiful! But for some reason that I cant figure out yet it wont let me embed the player for a single file.

So I'm gonna try it here:

If that worked then you should see the player for the 1st episode of the self hosted podcast from my Funkwhale instance.

Which brings me to what happened. I did some reading on Plume and decided it was much more for me. The overall layout with the feeds on the front page. Just looked way better to my taste. So I blew away my Write Freely instance (I was the only user) and installed Plume. But there is something wrong with the install on Yunohost and it displayed the Yunohost logo in the bottom right side as if I was inside the SSO interface. Even when I was logged out. I thought it might be the cache of Firefox so I checked on other browsers and even on my phone. But it was still displaying.

So I moved over here to Went to upload my old posts and .... yep. I forgot to do the backup. So now I get to start all over.

I did do a quick update to the main site of Bonehead Media with all the links being corrected.

I even considered installing Wordpress to run the blog and podcast but nah, thats so 2018. I want to embrace the Fediverse and self hosting. The only thing I dont really like is not self hosting Plume. i just dont feel like I'm in control. But here there are more eyes on it and thats a plus. But I do feel at home and I dont think they are going to go anywhere soon.