Fleet Management In The New Reality Of Commerce

COVID-19 changed the world. It changed our perception, and our behaviour; how we think, live and as a result also how purchase and consume. All around the world, customers are shifting to online shopping, and as the need for distancing continues, indications are that this trend is here to stay.

To survive, even flourish, in these unpredicted times, companies – big and small – must invest in pivoting their businesses toward consumer behavioural changes, adapting online, e-commerce strategies to the needs of a world where social distancing is becoming the new normal.

But figuring out how to capture online opportunities is only part of the equation; in order to capitalize on this digital transformation companies will also need to invest in their supply chain and fulfilment abilities, and manage a tight ship to maximize the contribution of digital channels while optimizing cost.

What should your fleet management strategy focus on, and where can software provide a sound solution?

Managing fleets remotely

Lockdown and restrictions on mobility surfaced the need to create conditions for working from home, meaning companies can no longer rely on traditional standalone software that in managed on-site. To assure you can manage essential business operations, and protect company assets, even under the strictest conditions, make sure to adapt web-based fleet management solutions can be accessed from any location, and are updated remotely in real time.

Vehicle health solutions which provide information on the health and condition of vehicles remotely is another tool that allows you to protect assets and maintain an operating fleet from afar.

Optimizing vehicle use and performance

If your company is in one of the fortunate sectors that are experiencing a boost in business during the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are that your fleet is working around the clock to guarantee fulfilment. To optimize scheduling and route planning, you will need tools to allow immediate reaction to last minute changes and unexpected roadside events. Optimizing the use of route and schedule planning software by integrating data collected from vehicles in real time is worth considering. It will allow you to analyze and optimize allocation of resources, routes, tasks and more, and let you act according to what is happening in real time.


Working around the clock may also mean your drivers are working harder – longer hours, more shifts and under tighter schedules – all which can cause a decline in the quality of driving. By implementing a system that monitors, scores, reports and alerts on driving behaviour, fleet managers are able to better control issues resulting from the change in conditions, while making sure everyone returns home safely.

Keeping an eye on costs

Monitoring expenses and cutting unnecessary costs is important now more than ever. Reducing ongoing operational and maintenance costs by monitoring expenses in real time, and improving fuel management by increase fuel efficiency are two important measures you can easily take.

If there was ever a time to invest in fleet management strategy and software, now would be it.

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