FOSS - why does it matter?

Now to start of with, what is FOSS software? FOSS stands for free and open source. In this context, free means libre (free as in freedom not as in beer). FOSS software has the advantages of not having to rely on a company for you to still be able to use the product, allowing you to modify the software among other benefits. It also has the benefit of many eyes being able to see the code, which allows people to find fixes to bugs and the like quicker. FOSS software has also slowly been growing in quality (for example, blender which is pretty close to the industry standard, Krita which is pretty high quality, and Godot which whilst it's 3D support is a bit lacking - that's going to change in Godot 4, and even now as a 2D engine it's probably up there in quality). All in all, FOSS software is pretty nice, so try out more FOSS alternatives to software you commonly use and see how you like it.