Vrmdza (English)

Vrmdza Banner A picturesque village in south-eastern Serbia, 230 kilometres south-east of Belgrade. A paradise for foodies and mountain climbers and an ideal place for remote work. The villagers are already marketing their organic products and ecotourism offers - even a "floating yoga studio" - has already been advertised on social media. Our motto is "from the urban to the reurban": bringing together the old in the new and the new in the old, of what feels right! The surroundings of our village are dominated by the dramatic, rugged foothills and cliffs of the Latin Grad. Nearby Mount Rtanj is considered by some to be a centre of extraterrestrial activity; more prosaically, the tea grown there is said to be an aphrodisiac - and to help with respiratory problems.

The story of our village began when a 45-year-old woman from Belgrade bought a plot of land here in 2010, restored it and moved in permanently with her husband and two young children in 2015. She asked herself if she should follow her dream and live "with less money but much more fulfilment". She dreamed not only of raising her children in a beautiful place, but also of using her knowledge and experience in human resource management to "inform, educate and promote sustainable development and social entrepreneurship" in her new home.

With this village, she has created a space where she can develop synergies by "actively combining rural and urban knowledge" - hence the term "rurban", a word usually associated with bringing rural knowledge and know-how to urban areas. In 2015, Tomic Pilipovic wrote a book about Vrmdza as a "model of rural development and economic engagement" for Serbian villages. She placed the village in the global context of "eco-villages", described as settlements "whose inhabitants want to live in harmony with nature." This eco-village is designed and organised in such a way that anyone can easily settle there, work, collaborate and even expand the offer of this small experiment.

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